Blankets large

Even though we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter in our neck of the woods, the cold is slowly creeping in. The best thing about the gray skies and frosty mornings of winter is bundling under layers and layers of blankets, your face slightly cold, while the rest of your body is tucked in warm and cozy.

Blankets are some of my favorite things to buy on my travels. Our newest group from Morocco come in a variety of great neutrals but are by no means boring! Full of texture and pattern, they’ll make your bed look so fantastic, you’ll want to jump right in and be lazy all day.

Handira are hand woven blankets made from 100% sheep’s wool and often decorated with sequins. If you are into tribal or Bohemian textiles with a story and a purpose these wedding blankets made by Berber women are it. The long loose ends were left on the shawl’s reverse side to create warmth and insulation for the Berbers, who live in the mountainous regions. The colorful bands of wool are often kilim weaves, related to the traditional colorful flat-woven rugs of the region. These have become a popular accent around the house. They look great at the foot of the bed or over a daybed. Use them as floor coverings or as wall art.

For a bit more color and pattern, check out some of our other beautiful blankets. Stay as warm as you can this January! Don’t forget to follow us on facebook or twitter to be the first to know when new items available.


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