After returning from an intense trip where I also picked up a cold, I thought, I don’t have time to think of any New Year’s resolutions. I’m trying to capture all the moments from Morocco before I lose any ideas and working hard to photograph and describe all the new products for the shop site. My brain was hitting the ground running and I had to screech on the brakes to take some time to do some inner searching about how I wanted 2013 to be better, for myself and for my business.

My resolutions always begin with get organized, get fit, stop procrastinating, pay attention more, be a better listener, yada yada. But really, all I want to do each year is forge stronger bonds with my friends and family.  As for work, I want to be even more thoughtful about what I purchase – both personally and for The Loaded Trunk – specifically purchases that have a less negative effect on our environment. Spend more time thinking of where things come from and who is helped by my purchase.

As I’m always distracted by those bright, shiny objects, I am also resolving to stay focused and blog more consistently. I can’t wait to share more stories about my travels and all the wonderful the thing that end up coming home with me. Happy New Year to all my readers around the globe. Here’s to more exciting adventures in 2013!


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